Wednesday, June 26, 2013

irresistibly delicious CADBURY DAIRY MILK

it is rare that some people would be sharing chocolate just for the sake of sharing. i was very thankful and lucky when a friend told me that he will be sending a chocolates over courier for me. i said, who can resist chocolates? i immediately said yes and this humble favor for that nice person is to write about it.

i was really surprised when the package came over and even got more excited when i found out that it was Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates inside. not one bar, but 6 smooth and creamy chocolate bars in 3 different variants: Dairy Milk, Cashew and Cookies and Fruit and Nut. while some people save the best for last, i opened my first Cadbury Dairy Milk bar and shared it with my officemates.
many studies that chocolates help release a special hormone that makes us feel happy or in love but for me, true happiness is the moment when you share it with your loved ones. no rocket science that can explain the pleasure of biting into the rich creaminess and smoothness of chocolates, especially if it's Cadbury Dairy Milk.

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  1. Cadbury is my all time favorite too!!!
    I love their fruit and nut



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