Saturday, January 19, 2013

MANILABAKE by Serye Cafe Filipino

the Katipunan road in Quezon City always fascinates me with the variety of things to see. one of which is the young bakeshop in front of the previous landmark, Katips Bar. called Manilabake, from the group behind the success of Serye Cafe Filipino. started last July, the bakeshop has not only satisfied the bread lovers but meal lovers as well.
owner Gretchen Lim shares how the sumptuous delicacies are also contributing to sustainability of local labor and production of local products. this is to honor the hard labor and dedication of local workers who produce the ingredients to their products. also, with family tradition, the methods that underwent to create dishes that everybody would love. creating pastries are not easy nor quick, says Gretchen, like the staple pan de sal takes about 12 hours for that perfect rise. the other dishes and pastries had undergone extensive studies and mixing it with the Lim's culinary expertise -- to satisfy and also to promote the rare and special culture here in the country. you are also guaranteed of freshly-made, chemical-free dishes and using natural preservation methods.

Manilabake would originally just sell breads and pastries. but with increasing demand from customers that would like to stay in its calming ambiance, the management has increased its line of products with meals and appetizers for long chats, lounging and even a short break time.
for a good morning, try their warm Champorado made with tapol or wild rice in chocolate. this porridge is best mixed with coconut milk and best served warm. for your comfort during cold and wet days, try their Shepherd's Pie, mashed potato and camote on top of meat filling.

MANILABAKE by Serye Cafe Filipino is located at 206-A Katipunan Ave., Blue Ridge A, Quezon City. they are open 6AM - 9AM from Monday to Sunday and delivers within 5-kilometer radius. for orders, call (02) 5091973 or 0916-4984547.


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