Monday, October 22, 2012

BIG MUNCH for big delights

i was again surprised when another package arrived at my table Monday afternoon. it was as big as the previous one and i eyes got bigger when i saw big snack packs. three 110g BIG MUNCH packs and 6 BIG MUNCH 28g packs in these variants: cheese, black pepper and barbeque. BIG MUNCH is a corn chips snack which made a good timing for break time. immediately, me and my officemates enjoyed a pack.
when cheese and barbeque are regular flavors for snacks, i was really curious to try black pepper. and i really loved it! i could eat the whole 110g by myself. i loved the spiciness and saltiness is just right.

i checked the label and it was made by Prifoods. it sounded relatively new to me and i want to thank them for this surprise.

BIG MUNCH Corn Chips snack is also found in Facebook. visit their page at


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