Monday, June 4, 2012

sweet messages from Cadbury

it's a pleasure to receive a package from my favorite chocolate, Cadbury. more special and fun with it is that i get to enjoy it with people around me. each person here at the room gets his or her own couple of Cadbury Daily Milk.

so as we unwrap each individual pack of Cadbury, we are eager to share and spread the love to everyone on Facebook. and speaking of Facebook, Cadbury will make every Facebook status as sweet as it can be starting June 8 2012. how? you can add tunes to every status update that you will share to your friends.
just log in to your Facebook account, go and like the Cadbury Philippines page. look for the app Cadbury Smooth Status Singer where you can insert your status update, choose a music genre, tag your friends and submit. in seconds, your status update will be posted in your page -- with the special tune that you chose. see this video to see how wonderful this app can be:
so spread your status in the smooth way like the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and enjoy sweet music as you share your updates in Facebook starting June 8!
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