Monday, May 14, 2012

A-GAN TEA comes to the Philippines!

a new refreshing tea house comes to the Philippines with it's first branch opening at the busy district of Makati. with ingredients picked from the Ali Mountain of Taiwan, A Gan Tea will surely soothe your thirst especially this summer.
A-Gan Tea picked its name from the Taiwanese "gan" meaning sweet and it guarantees to give you the tickle in your taste buds. not just to quench your thirst, drinking tea has other health benefits. it contains anti-oxidants that helps reduce the risk of cancer which A-Gan Tea has especially in the fresh fruit bits in every cup.

Milk-lid Mango Tea
with the mentioned benefits of A-Gan Tea, two of the Philippines' premiere athletic teams support its launch in the Philippine tea market. the PHL Volcanoes and PHL Azkals were present during the fun event.
the party was even made more entertaining by Youtube couple JaMich who delivered song and dance numbers. the very young looking Grace Lee hosted the event.
even the two mascots of A-Gan Tea, Tea-bo and Tea-la, joined in the fun as the audience embraces the new lifestyle.

to know more of the new lifestyle in drinking, you may visit their official Facebook page at or follow them at don't forget to join in the conversation at #aganteaph


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