Sunday, November 6, 2011

Figaro holds 2nd year of social responsibility

we consume coffee everyday. some may even consume more than a cup to make themselves preppy for the whole day. but as we enjoy every sip, we should also be thinking how it's made and who makes it. so Figaro Foundation Corporation takes on an act to give back to the farmers and to Mother Earth by conducting the second year of their tree planting activity in Alfonso, Cavite.
i learned different stories on the origins of coffee in the Philippines. also that coffee is not really from Batangas. instead, it was from Amadeo, Cavite where it was seeded by a Spanish priest, and cultivated by his helper who later brought it to Batangas when the priest died. it was also introduced in the galleon trade. and for some time, the Philippines was #4 in coffee exports worldwide.

speaking of number 4, there are really 4 coffee varieties: Robusta, Arabica, Excelsa and Liberica. and the Philippines is a very fortunate country to be included in the "coffee belt" - the region of the world above equator where coffee can grow okay. Cavite and Batangas grow most of Robusta and Arabica since coffee can grow well in the climate of these places.
going back to the tree planting activity, the community of Barangay Esperanza Ilaya in Alfonso, Cavite has allowed the Figaro Foundation Corporation to plant seedlings in vacant lots. a special Memorandum of Agreement is signed for formality between the two parties. thus, making Figaro's way of providing livelihood and bringing back the title to Alfonso, Cavite as the number 1 coffee producer in the country. 500 seedlings of Robusta and Arabica are planted and the community will take charge of growing it. a number of seedlings has grown more than 3 feet already since it's planting last 2009. i was able to plant Arabicas and Robustas and proud to be part of this activity.
with the continuing efforts of everyone to save the environment and the coffee industry in the country, Figaro Foundation Corporation invites everyone to participate in planting seedlings, not just for coffee but also with other crops for sustainability.

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  1. That`s amazing. Most of the folk nowadays couldnt care less about this. Glad to see there are still people out there who actually take action:D


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