Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm a Chic-Boy virgin no more

i remember laughing at the new barbecue chain that i saw along the street. with it's complex name that has another connotation in the Filipino language, i never knew that it will continue to grow into a competitive food chain in the city.

this is just the first time that i am trying Chic-Boy. a grill restaurant offering Filipino dishes like barbecue etc. the concept is mostly Cebuano, famous for their lechon Cebu -- any tasteful dish even without the condiments. and the most accessible branch to our place is at Sta. Lucia Mall along Marcos Hiway in Cainta, Rizal.

there is very spacious and comfortable space. they even have an al fresco setting for those who want to dine outdoors. and at the walls of the restaurant, a display of their menu offerings that have enticing visuals; all you have to do is to order whatever you want.

for me and my mom, we both ordered Lechong Manok (Thigh Part) with unlimited rice (Php 99). and as i've said, the meat itself is very tasty and the marinade ingredients really sinked in to the meat. you can also find anis and tanglad pieces as you finish the meat. complimentary house soup is included. the vinegar that comes with it compliments well the salt content of the chicken and a little sweet too. i had another 2 servings of rice.

added to the side is Mango Ensalada, (Php 25) composed of ripe mango, tomato, onion and mix it with bagoong.

to finish it off, we had a generous serving of Turones con Leche (JUST Php 30). six pieces of saba banana wrapped and fried and then dip it in to caramelized condensed milk. promise, i love it!

i know that i had nothing yet. next time i'll know the native Cebu Pork Lechon that Chic-Boy offers. can you suggest the next dish that i should try?

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  1. Masarap yung Cebu Lechon. And Cebu Lechon Manok. Favorite ko yan. And sisig pala :))


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