Sunday, July 24, 2011

on good service

I have met a lot of different people and still keep myself lowly but keeping the person I'm with in the most comfortable manner. I hope that when I organize events, I deliver well and if I have got an error, I will still accept it and give the fastest solution and then keep moving on. But it's my work. What if I am inclined into a business that deals with hospitality? The point is, the person you serve is always right. If not, acceptance and explanation in a nice way should be kept in mind and in heart.

Just recently, I was with a couple of friends and ended the day at Baang Coffee in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. My good friend, Toots Tolentino, ordered pastries and drinks and kind enough to pay for it. The cashier, Grace Calisay, who was incidentally the OIC for the night had forgotten to give my fudge brownie when everything else is already at the table. So he asked Grace where was my brownie. She breathed out as if there is a lot of stress going on in her and reasoned out that it's because it is being prepared in the kitchen together with my hot mocha. We got confused why it has to take long when all she have to do is put the brownie on a plate and serve it. She even blurted out as if she was making the right point. On our side, we could have understood if she had apologized and told us that our order will immediately follow. Worse, she had released a deep exhale and that annoying body language that irritated my friend.

So as to our disappointment, Tita Toots said if we were in New York, he had already spoke the F-word on her face. But she defended herself and made the situation worse. This is another time that I have learned my rights as a customer and should know when to fight for it. I know her situation but still it was wrong to treat your customer that way and given the OIC position, she must act as a role model to her staff and maintain providing good service skills and character towards everyone. Not that will also raise her voice to the customers. She may never know who she is dealing with.

The story gets worse and worse, we took her name and details of the manager/owner of the coffee shop. One of the waiters had defended her and we still didn't get an apology. They maintained that proud look and character like nothing happened. I almost didn't finish my food because of the bad tension going on inside the store.

To the manager or the owner of the store, please don't tolerate this kind of behavior among your staff. I have no idea why she has to act that way firing words to us and still being proud of herself. I hope that you have to take immediate action and advise your staff to keep her cool. I hope you believe that "customers are always right" at a given circumstance. We got really disappointed on how she treated us.


  1. @aajao libre mko ng KOPI BUN!

  2. Hehe...happened to me as well but in the case you cant do anything about it makes it worse:(


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