Monday, July 18, 2011

EMPANADA NATION took me to Ilocos

from 3 cousins who just love food, we are taken to a gastronomic and authentic Ilocano experience with the new branch of EMPANADA NATION in Quezon City. a new hangout to those who miss the food and loves to talk about good experience up north of Luzon. i haven't been to Ilocos yet but EMPANADA NATION has given me a taste of the purely-Ilocano delicacies.

Ilocano food is very adaptable. they offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are equally delicious and non-expensive. Sarabasab, Puqui-puqui, Bagnet Meal, Igado and Pakbet can provide you with the good energy you need for a long day. i actually love my order, Bagnet Meal that i can say, my ideal breakfast: garlic rice, salted egg, fresh tomato, and bagnet.

and you can actually see how the special and authentic Ilocano Empanada is made. and they are not just trained employees, they are really Ilocanos who know how empanada should be prepared and served.

searching for Empanada Nation is very easy. you can visit their 3rd branch at 26 Sgt. Esguerra St., Quezon City. and it's open from 10AM - 10PM (Sun-Thurs) and extending up to midnight during Fridays and Saturdays. people from Quezon City who love to eat can drop by Empanada Nation for a heavy meal. and beside it is JT's Manukan and Chocolat, where they can party and drink beer while chilling out with good music.

you can contact them at these hotlines (aka the cousin owners): 09235564567 / 09209215385 (Venice) / 09276841079 (Bernard) / 09484701629 (Jen).


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