Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joey Pepperoni delicious starters

there is a new reason to visit more often at Joey Pepperoni. remembering that we used to eat at the Makati branch, we were there to try out their pasta-all-you-can offering. i haven't quite maximized the value of it since i am a small eater. but with the new additions to the Italian-style, pizza-pasta menu, i will definitely endear my stay in one Joey Pepperoni branch.

before digging in to every slice of pizza or their mouth-watering pasta, start with a yummy comfort food called Baked Cheesy Fries. thick fries topped with their special meat sauce, chili flakes, white onion, cheddar and cheese sauce. it's actually very good and i could finish a whole serving. very good matched with iced cold cola.

are you on a diet? try out the Fresh Shrimp Salad. similar to the classic Caesar Salad with the seafood twist. crisp lettuce tossed with honey mustard dressing, topped with croutons and parmesan cheese and shrimp is fit for those health-conscious but would love to enjoy good food.

did i make you hungry? how about getting a taste of their Barbecue Chicken Wings. Joey Pepperoni knows how i like it. the right spiciness and sweetness of barbecue chicken wings perfect with rice. the best staple food that i can eat with my bare hands.

it's just another start. watch out for more Joey Pepperoni posts upcoming in this blog. you can find Joey Pepperoni branches all over Metro Manila. their first branch was located at the Ground Floor of RFM Building along Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong City. more stores located at strategic places near offices and malls, you will find Joey Pepperoni branches almost everywhere! try out their specialties like pizzas and pastas.


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