Tuesday, May 24, 2011

introducing FIGARO's SPOON MEALS

it's very rare that i get a chance to eat at Figaro. and i'm getting used to eating pastries and sweets paired with iced or brewed coffee. but Figaro offers new dishes that is available all day to satisfy your hunger.

the new Figaro Spoon Meals comes in two variants, Chicken ala King and Chicken Thyme with Creamy Cheese Sauce. both with svory buttered carrots and corn and steamy rice.

both priced at Php 215 and available all day at Metro Manila branches for now. i loved the taste of the Chicken ala King because of the fusion of mushrooms and bell peppers in warm, creamy sauce. cheesy it is for the Chicken Thyme and it has got other good benefits as believed by the Greeks to be a source of courage is also a good source of iron.

after a tiring and stressful day, it's a good time to grab a plate of Figaro's Spoon Meals to recharge.

coming up for the school year, you can also purchase Figaro's notebook for only Php 199. you can doodle and scribble in hardbound, creatively printed paper for those important and memorable notes.



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