Saturday, March 26, 2011

GSM Flavors iParty

got home a bit tipsy after making it in the first ever GSM Flavors iParty in a condo unit in Makati. after a countless number of times that i had a drinks with close friends, this would be the most fun ever!

of course, we have to follow every house rules made by the host. everyone participated. everyone got excited with things to say in the "Dugtungan" game. congrats to the team that won the challenge.

i wouldn't want to post the party pics here. i might post something that people wouldn't want to be posted. but there are no explicit things that happened. we all just had fun with GSM Flavors.

thank you to Jig and the rest of the gang who welcomed us into a housewarming party. had a lot of games, food and overflowing with GSM Flavors mixes like Lychee Chill, Lychee Kiss (my favorite) and Apple Sprite. best of all, they didn't give me a headache the morning after.



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