Wednesday, August 11, 2010

who says we're in RICE SHORTAGE?!

i was so hungry and since me and flowell are meeting up to see CATS: Now and Forever near DLSU Taft, i decided to go to the nearest Jollibee outlet and ordered a 1-pc Chickenjoy meal. i saw this little announcement by the counter and it says that they have UNLIMITED RICE. they also got a tarp that says: "SARAP TALAGANG KUMAIN KUNG MAY LIBRE KANG KANIN!"

not all stores have this but i was lucky enough to take advantage of it. even the cashier told me that they are offering free unlimited rice for every order of Chickenjoy meal. i had my Chickenjoy meal and i just have to keep my receipt when i want more rice.

i got 2 more packs of rice. approximately 1 cup each. so guess how hungry i am.


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