Sunday, August 29, 2010

hail the SOUPERSTAR!

when i eat outdoors, i always ask for a miso soup or a cream soup to make my stomach warm and to enjoy everything at the table. but restaurants are asking for extra chargers for the soups i order unlike from the carinderias where it is served free! i also tried improvising soups from the stuff in the kitchen but nothing has been successful. and it takes so long to prepare.

until the SOUPERSTAR is introduced. she is a domesticated-Carrie as we should put it. Lea is a mom and a wife who is sharing her experiences and, more importantly, her recipes in her blog, with a woman like her, who could need more tricks in the kitchen. her secret is having packs of Knorr soups at the kitchen cabinet which is easy to prepare. one example is she added a twist to the regular fried chicken staple and called it Chi-Ka-Knorr, a combo of the CHI-cken, KA-nin (rice) and KNORR.

"Remember my best friend Kaye, the girl from Unilever whom I ran into at the grocery last week? I forgot to mention she also helped me out with this little online hobby of mine. She told the people at Knorr about my mention of their product on my blog (the Knorr Cream of Corn soup she enthusiastically endorsed), they saw it and offered to co-sponsor it! Hence the apt website name – Yay, thank you Knorr!” says Lea for being chosen as the Knorr Souperstar.

the Souperstar blog also features photos of Lea's experiences with her husband, Paolo and child Gab, who are also enjoying every food feast with Knorr soups. she adds that she is too blessed to be called the Souperstar and now it's her time to give back to her readers.



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