Friday, July 30, 2010

Heavier on a higher level!

if most of you who thought they know what's inside the Greenwich box, you're maybe right because it's been on the counter for around a week now and it's in the TVCs. some have tried it and i know they have the same reaction as mine since they are so good and satisfying!

Greenwich presents the new heavy BIGATIN pizzas!

two pizzas that are overloaded with toppings: the HUNGARIAN SAUSAGE and BACON OVERLOAD or SHRIMP AND GARLIC OVERLOAD. choose or get them both for a fun feast with your friends-barkada. available in thick or thin crust that you will surely enjoy anywhere.

and speaking of barkada, in line with the BIGATIN PIZZAS are two additional BIGATIN personalities to the original Greenwich barkada. eventologist, TIM YAP and basketball star, CHRIS TIU leveled up the fun as featured in the TVCs.

so visit the nearest Greenwich outlet now or dial 5-55-55 for Greenwich delivery to try out these new pizzas.


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