Thursday, July 15, 2010

1st Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream Show Photos

it's so nice to have attended the first day of the 1st Philippince Chocolate and Ice Cream Show at the World Trade Center. even so, it was more fun when there's no much people going around since there's an alleged "typhoon" when the sun is high up. there's also no power in most of Luzon after the strong winds shut off the power. it is perhaps one of the yummiest events that i've ever seen since i love sweets.

entering the exhibit halls, you will find different chocolate suppliers, manufacturers, machine developers and sellers. explore your imagination to create the chocolate you love.

at the center of the expo, you'll immediately see chocolate creations that are truly splendid. intricate details are put together to build one fascinating chocolate sculpture which can be smelled when you enter the halls.

and here are the winners of the chocolate sculptures:

2nd, 1st and 3rd placer

as you wander more in the exhibit halls, a cake decorating competition is taking place at the kitchen at the end of the hall. different chefs from schools, hotels and other chocolate inspired businesses show of their talents to bring in the most creative cakes.

are here are some of the creations:

it was a really yummy event i should say. though i only attended the first day, i'm still hoping for a bigger and more exciting Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream Show!

see more pictures here.


  1. wow! Truly talented people, it really takes such talent to be able to pull off that kind of designs.. galing!


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