Monday, May 10, 2010

mom treated me on Mother's Day

hehe as it is customary that children should treat their moms on Mother's Day, she's the one who treated me for dinner.

my mom and i were really close friends. we go to the accessible malls when we have time. and after hearing mass in Ali Mall in Cubao, we decided to get dinner at Sbarro's. we ordered pasta and an Angus Steak quiche. sorry i didn't have any photos because we ate them right away -- talk about hungry.

we talked the whole moment almost everything. we also talked about how people stare at us wandering about our orders. haha. then for dessert, we got into the nearest DQ and ordered sundaes. mine was caramel and hers was strawberry.

when we go out, we always go to department stores, eat cheap or go to the movies. and when we find something interesting, we imagine how it will be placed in our good home.

to all mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.


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