Saturday, May 8, 2010

mokke at the Mushroomburger

we went out to try the Katipunan branch of the Tagaytay-famous MUSHROOMBURGER. the no-meat burger with the same sumptuous taste. i can still remember my first visit in the original branch and enjoy feasting on the burger while looking over at the Taal Volcano; also relaxing on the chilly breeze of Tagaytay.

here in Mushroomburger, again there's no meat. i ordered Royal Burger for Php 95.00 for a value meal and it has these layers: a bun, mushroom omelette, lettuce, cheese, mushroom patty, and then the sauce. looking like a quarter-pound burger, it's already filling.

the newest Mushroom burger sits in front of Ateneo De Manila University.


  1. I was in Mushroomburger in Tagaytay on that same day. I made the orders for the rest of the family and remembered that the Royal is only P69 (I didn't noticed if they were offering value meals for the burger).

    I actually asked the lady at the counter what's the diff between the mushroom burger and the mushroom sandwich. She answered: ung mushroom burger beef and mushroom patty, ung mushroom sandwich mismong mushrooms po ang palaman.

  2. @the_netski: hahaha mas mura dun syempre. in Katipunan they are not offering sandwiches ata. but the burger still is yummy. :)


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