Sunday, February 14, 2010

Danish Cookies prepped me up

it was getting late and i was at the White Hat event along with other blogging friends. i arrived home hungry and wanted to have my body on sugar rush to keep awake before i head to the office to get to the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

and surprisingly i found a can of Danish Cookies on the table!

mom said it was from her pupil and it was a gift for Valentines Day. i almost finished half of the can but i reserved some pieces so i can have some when i returned home from Clark. they were really creamy and yummy and not too sweet. the soft cookies are sprinkled with sugar crystals and they are perfect for coffee. excellent night i had that day.


  1. hehe loko ka kala ko pa naman nagreserve ka para sa nanay mo at kanya un, un pala para din sayo. hehe

  2. @The Accessory Lady: they really are!


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