Friday, December 25, 2009

Kraft Eden's Keso de Gallo warms Bacolor, Pampanga

in the Philippines, we celebrate the longest Christmas period in the whole world. as September steps in, Christmas cheers greets everyone and big time preparations happen in every household up to the streets. Christmas is even more felt when the 9 days of novena starts at December 16. coming from the church early in the morning is best with a warm breakfast like the bibingka and puto bumbong. a hot sip of chocolate drink compliments the rice dishes.

and during noche buena at Christmas Eve, the table serves quezo de bola and ham as additions to the festive meal. and speaking of cheese, Kraft Eden cheese brings to everyone a special feast featuring their product in line with the record-breaking 5840 dishes. this time, they bring the Keso de Gallo to nine provinces to give Christmas cheers.

after hearing the 9th misa de gallo in San Ildefonso Church in Bacolor, Pampanga, a warm breakfast of the humble puto (a rice muffin) with a twist. adding to the recipe of puto is squash making it healthier and can be appreciated even by kids without knowing it. this is an ingenious addition to the table not only for Christmas but in the whole year round. i would like to congratulate Kraft Eden who has not just brought this event to Bacolor but also as to extend cheers to the less fortunate and those who have experienced the tragic effects brought by the lava flow happened more than 20 years ago.

kids and adults enjoyed the meal with a hot cocoa and the Christmas spirit is greatly felt as the kids choir sang in the background. i have seen the smiles as i walk over the big ruins caused by the lava. you can really feel how much these people are so happy when these kind of events come to the area. on the other hand, though it was great depression that came upon them years ago, im really thankful that the kids are so lucky that they didn't experience it and the adults are still with them. they really deserve something to receive and Kraft Eden has made it possible and made their Christmas meaningful.



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