Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hit A Bargain gives away Outback GCs worth Php1k!

Jennie has sent me a surprise -- an Outback Steakhouse gift cheque absolutely FREE! at first i was skeptic about it so i checked it on HitaBargain to see if the promo is true. luckily enough that the promo really exists. upon reading the blog post, i found out that we are first timers coming to Outback Steakhouse.

and now for HitaBargain's special offer, i am joining the contest of helping her give away those precious Outback Steakhouse GCs! how to join?

promote the contest anyway you like: forward it through emails, messengers or even social networking sites. if you are sending it thru email, be sure to also furnish a copy for there is a time frame and she will only be giving 10 GCs! the top 10 will get them.



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