Friday, July 10, 2009

food blog photography

with all the fuzz in the blogging community, i want to take this issue lightly and let's all have fun. being a food blogger for me isn't just posting recipes, reviews, etc. but as what this blog suggests, it is having fun with the people around you. as an entry to this blog, i want to share with you my observations with the food bloggers.
  1. before entering, a food blogger gets a picture of the exterior of the food establishment.
  2. before eating, a food blogger doesn't let you touch the food unless they catch a very good perspective of the food in terms of photography. the more items in the table, the more pictures they will get.

  3. they also want to have a picture of how they appreciate the food.

  4. in terms of plating, they know that the best angle is when the rice is behind all the viands. *thanks to jonel for that brilliant tip*

  5. they see to it that they also have a picture of themselves taking in the food. *warning: bad cap*

so are you a food blogger?


  1. parang kilala ko ung nsa unang picture. hahahaha


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