Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Super Bowl of China unveils new dishes this July!

Super Bowl of China introduces 4 new dishes added to their delectable and very satisfying menu. and with Super Bowl's signature taste, we will surely crave for these 4 new dishes namely: Golden Weave Cut US Frozen Potatoes with Minced Pork, Crispy Fish Fillet with Lemon and Plum Sauce, Hot and Spicy Chicken, and Beef Fillet Chinese Style.

Potatoes and Pork, ah, i remember when i am having nachos but this time, criss-cut fried potatoes is not a very bad combination to pork. i could eat big servings of this. hehe. by the way, the potatoes are of US quality so flavor is not compromised and you'll really love it.

i've never tried Hot and Spicy Chicken because of my low tolerance to heat. but as what others who have tasted it say, it really tingles inside your mouth and you probably won't stop munching. be sure to follow it with a really cold drink to tone down the heat in your mouth.

my favorite, Fish Fillet in Lemon and Plum Sauce is really mouth watering. the yummy taste of plum and citrus lemon combined with it gives a tangy taste and certain sweetness to the dish.

Beef Fillets Chinese Style isn't so much greasy and that's what i love about it. the meat is so tender and the marinade really covers your palate at every bite.

and not only that Super Bowl of China launches this new 4 additions, it also introduces the arrival of 2 new characters: Happy and Lucky! these two kids love to cook and give good memories to everyone. indeed, i have a very happy and lucky moment at that time. thanks Yehey!


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