Friday, June 19, 2009

Special treats on Father's Day!

June 21 is Father's Day! if you have nothing to give to your dad yet, here are some ideas that you can have for the greatest man in your life. you can treat him to big food fiestas around just like these:

and after a huge meal from Italianni's, also give your dad a sweet treat.

from June 9 to 30, families can celebrate Dad's special day with Krispy Kreme's latest offering—Classic Peanut Butter & Stripes doughnut. this yummy treat is made with peanut butter kreme and the classic Reese's Peanut Butter that definitely adds "dad-pleasing" factor to this decadent doughnut. topped with graham cracker crunch and striped with caramel or chocolate, no kid, or dad, for that matter, can resist. Krispy Kreme's Father's Day sweet offering goes best with Krispy Kreme Signature Coffee and is available in all stores nationwide.

is your dad too stressed out at work? you might also give him these daddy-privileges:
  1. a home spa or a visit at a very relaxing park -- talk to him heart to heart. ;)
  2. a night-out -- men can't resist alcohol. lol
  3. a cinema treat -- some great movies has just opened.


  1. nag advance father's day celebration na kami last week. hehe. pizza time!


  2. @Nobe: yumyum. happy father's day to your dad. :)


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