Thursday, June 4, 2009

Food for the rainy season

if you happen to experience Agua de Mayo, you'll probably assume that it's the rainy season already. but a cold and wet season like this, you have a lot of options to keep warm and enjoy the cozy comfort of you own home. all you want is to recline in your couch, turn on the TV and sip a warm soup or drink until you get yourself to sleep.

while this site is dedicated to something edible, the following are the most recommended food choices for the rainy season. but you have to remember to be very careful when having these foods for you might burn your mouth.

Champorado - this rice porridge is added with cocoa to give that chocolate taste. this is best served to kids who might not want other porridge and would love to play milk art when they pour milk into the thick champorado.

Arroz Caldo - this has some similarities with goto and lugaw. and the only distinction to it is it should have chicken. Arroz Caldo is Spanish for chicken in a pot. goto and lugaw on the other hand is sometimes paired with fried tofu and pork bits soaked in soy sauce and vinegar with added onions.

Bulalo - this tempting and high-cholesterol beef soup will really give you the warm feeling of beef and the vegetables which are optional to add.

Noodle Soup - may it be instant or prepared from fresh ingredients, everyone have had a slurp of the long strands of mami. noodle dough is cooked in broth and added with vegetables and meat for that fill of the stomach. and as some commercial say, "Just add one egg" will make it more special.



  1. nakakagutom naman to... kagabi nagluto ako ng sopas. =)

  2. yeah! ako rin nung sinusulat ko to nagutom din ako. haha

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  4. wifey & i bought a box of Champorado. tamang-tama hindi lang ngayong tag-ulan, pati pagkain ko nung nagpabunot ako ng ngipin :D


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