Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bartending: Host your Own Party

a great party always requires a good host. but what is more exciting is that the host has something better. it's always a given to have great food, great place, great people around but what is important that the host gives his guests the best experience ever. it's always giving the best foot forward at any occasion and performing your best talent.

the party will not be complete with a little serve of party drinks, and serving it with STYLE and entertainment. bartending is a great example for this. it's not just the creative mixing of the cocktails but the talent of throwing bottles, shakers and glasses into the mid-air. this kind of presentations will make your guests drop their jaws and shout and scream in awe of your one of a kind ability.

here's a video of pure bartending talent:

even Tom Cruise studied and made a movie out of it called Cocktail, here's a scene from the 1988 movie:

envy those talents? i do too. here's a video teaching us basic bartending:

so start practicing this skill and start more entertainment and let's party!

there's a lot of schools online that can teach you bartending:
Extreme Bartending
ABC Bartending
National Bartending

and more...


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